Masonry Firewalls

Even though this information is a few years old, and based on an older version of the Nation Building Code of Canada; it still holds a wealth of great information related to firewall construction and detailing.

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Be sure to check your Contractor out!

Here is an article from CJME a few years back that still rings true today. “CUTTING CORNERS: Regina consumers deal with construction headaches:”

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2015 National Energy Code for Buildings

We recommend that you check to see what your designer will be using for minimum energy efficiency design requirements… The National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings 2015 (NECB), published by NRC and developed by the Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes in collaboration with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), sets out technical requirements for […]

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Foundation Wall Bracing

The high expansive clay soils in the Regina and Moose Jaw areas can wreak havoc on building foundations. We provide on site foundation inspection services and follow up inspections for installation conformance for a multitude of clients. Check out some of these pictures for installations this past week.

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Know your fasteners!

Not all fasteners are created equal – far from it actually! For those of you that are weekend warriors that like to do things yourself, it would be a good idea to review this article: : Before you start your deck, garden shed or garage building project, take the time to grab the proper […]

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Insulation and Vapour Barrier

This may be significantly more work than that which is required by minimum requirements under the 2010 NBCC, but this house gets an a+ for insulation and vapour barrier work! The insulation fills the full depth of the stud cavity and there are no overlaps or over compressed locations, and the vapour-barrier is properly lapped […]

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