Wood Framing Roof System Failure

During the winter of 2013/2014, many buildings experienced a combined higher than average roof snow load and high wind velocities in the Regina and Moose Jaw area. While the loads did not exceed the normal design criteria used by structural engineers for the design of buildings in this area, this particular building experienced a roof system failure. After inspection by BSA it was determined that the roof system failed because the exterior walls were improperly designed & constructed to resist the loads (which were within normal design limits).

Moral of the story is, “make sure that your designer and builder obtain a review by a structural engineer, licensed to practice in Saskatchewan, if your building has a roof span wider than 12.2m (40′-0″), if your load bearing walls are taller than 4.2m (13′-9″), or if you are planning to NOT sheath your exterior load bearing walls with a minimum of 3/8” plywood or OSB sheathing (i.e. If you are planning on using strapping as opposed to sheathing).

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