Commercial Building Aesthetics

Project budgets are definitively the key driver in determining the level of detail, grade of materials selected, and construction quality of both interior and exterior building finishes – ultimately dictating the ‘curb appeal’ of the building exterior and ‘wow factor’ when walking through the front door.

Even with conservative budgets, we have found that building aesthetics do not have to suffer – provided sufficient planning is carried out at the start of the project during the design development phase. We understand and respect that no project has unlimited funding, and that with the right material selection, proper material placement, and complementary color schemes that it is possible to achieve both the ‘curb appeal’ and ‘wow factor’ in over 95% of our projects.

Adding simple to construction and cheap budget items like: a simple front entry canopy to a pre-engineered steel building (such as our Subaru/Autogallery Building Renovation Project); or, multiple narrow but taller windows as opposed to fully glazed curtain walls and/or storefront glazing (such as some of our Custom Residential Home Projects) can have a dramatic affect on ‘curb appeal’ of an otherwise plain exterior/facade.

Specifying flooring stains on simple troweled concrete floor slabs as opposed to expensive tiles throughout office areas and or display areas can both drive down flooring costs and drive up the ‘wow factor’ with a seamless blend of complementary colors to the walls, ceiling and millwork throughout the space.

Even something as specifying an eye catching sink in an otherwise plain lunch millwork layout, or the right ‘eye catching’ accent paint color on the walls can make the entire room pop!

Our Regina Engineers and Building Design team can help you get the best bang for your buck – just tell us the ‘feeling’ your going for and we can help bring the ‘wow factor’ and ‘curb appeal’ to your next project!